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House and Land Packages at Ambia

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A great range of single and two storey house and land packages

Ambia has partnered with a selection of Western Australia's top building companies to provide affordable, yet quality house and land packages.

Ambia has a range of lot sizes to accommodate any lifestyle. From modern two storey homes, cleverly designed to maximise space to single storey homes, there is something to suit everyone's s budget.

Two storey homes give you maximum space on an affordable lot and are a a great option for families.   


House and Land Packages

Go Homes_$415,700_10.5m.JPG
Go Homes
Lot 192 Smart_The Atlantis_$433,480_10.5m.jpg
The Atlantis
HBC_$416,940_6m frontage.jpg
Lot 194 Blueprint_Peppermint Beach_$447,707_12.jpg
The Peppermint Beach
Lot 196 Smart_The Optimus_$462,480_12.jpg
The Optimus
Lot 194 - 197_Commodore Homes_The Henley_$442,430_12.jpg
The Henley
The Coral Bay
Lot 207 Smart Homes_The Newton_$476,353_10.jpg
The Newton
Terrace Lot 146_147_148_149.jpg
The Mezzanine
Terrace Lot 146_147_148_149.jpg
The Bronte
Terrace Lot 146_147_148_149.jpg
The Grange
Terrace Lot 146_147_148_149.jpg
The Windsor MKII
59 Go Homes_$482,200.bmp
Go Homes
Lot 194 or 196 HBC.jpg
Homebuyer Centre
Lot 167 or 168 HBC_$358,340.jpg
Homebuyers Centre
Duet - Muse Elevation.jpg
Lot 133 Asana Road
From $424,140*
Duet - Muse Elevation.jpg
Lot 134 Asana Road
From $422,940*
Duet - Muse Elevation.jpg
Lot 135 Asana Road
From $422,940*
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