Pros and cons of building new


Whether you are looking for a place to live or an investment property, every homebuyer faces one big decision: to purchase established or buy land and build a new home from scratch?

The decision will ultimately come down to your key priorities – location, budget, personal style, size and layout.

Other factors include energy efficiency, maintenance, how soon you can move in and what community services are available.

New developments, like Ambia at Southern River, can tick a lot of boxes for new home buyers. Close to established amenity, but with all the benefits building ‘new’ brings, a development like Ambia holds a strong appeal.

Kelli Howell, Senior Project Manager for Ambia, said layout and style of the home were often big considerations for home buyers.

“Whilst there are certainly same amazing homes available on the established market, chances are the choice of tile in the bathroom, colour of the kitchen splashbacks or roof tile may not be to your liking.

“Likewise there may not be as many bathrooms as you would like or the lounge room might be in a completely awkward spot.

“Sure, these can be replaced or fixed over time, but renovations can be expensive and the ability to be able to build a home in your style is certainly a huge benefit of building new,” she said.

Ms Howell said new homes were also more likely to be built to a higher efficiency standard.

“Many homesites at Ambia for example, have been orientated to make the most of solar passive design and our building guidelines encourage making the most of indoor/outdoor spaces for this reason,” she said.

Maintenance is also an issue for many homebuyers and Ms Howell said the positive with building a new home was that buyers knew they wouldn’t have to put any money towards upkeep of their home for those first few years.

“All builders have warranties in place for structural items and building defects too, so you know any future major work is taken care of, which provides huge peace of mind for many,” she said.

Location is also an important part in each homebuyers’ decision making process and Ms Howell said it was important to consider being close to established shops, transport, schools and parks.

“Whilst some new developments can be a long way from established services, many, like Ambia, are now within 20 kilometres of the Perth CBD,” she said.

“The great news is that Ambia also has the benefits of being in a well-established suburb, complete with a range of public and private schooling options, a range of shops, public transport and beautiful public open spaces.”

Ms Howell said there are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration when buying a home and each person will of course know the best decision for them.

“I always suggest to people, write down your key priorities – is it style and layout? Location? Maintenance in the long term? Proximity to services? And so on. That will help you make the best decision.”


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